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method, but I wanted to briefly outline the sequence in the code below: 1. We will loop through this after processing all of the properties to set the field values for the new item. Read data from the target CSV file and convert to a list of a custom C# entity (using the previously mentioned Adding the List Item The code below shows the simple implementation for adding the list item—support for complex types will begin in the next section. Instantiate a Dictionary variable to store all the field names and values locally.

User: Field User Value user Field Value = Get User Field Value(prop Value. Internal Name, user Field Value); else throw new Exception("User field value could not be added: " prop Value. Lookup: Field Lookup Value lookup Field Value = Get Lookup Field Value(prop Value. If you have questions or comments about this blog post, or other aspects of Share Point Online development, please leave a comment below, send us a tweet at @Credera MSFT, or contact us online.Having found a list, the example selects the first lookup field that it finds in the list's fields collection.Then the code iterates through list items, printing information about the value of each item's lookup field.Client Context ctx = new Client Context(weburl); ctx. Get By Title("List Title"); List Item current Item = list. Credentials = new Share Point Online Credentials(user Name, pass Word); List list = ctx. Get Item By Id(1); Field User Value[] user Value Collection = new Field User Value[1]; //Get all the users of this Web User Collection user Collection =

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