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I know what you’re thinking right now: “But that darn Cujo got shot and killed at the end of the movie!” Horror villains never really die though, do they? That rabid rapscallion crawled off into the surrounding forest and licked his goddamn wounds like a champion, hiding from the pound and biding his time for ten malevolent years of squirrel-eating & plotting his revenge against the human race. Cujo discovers the Newtons and their simpleton mutt having a picnic at a local park and devises a plan.Marines demonstrated Cujo's tricks by using it to conduct resupply missions across terrain difficult to traverse by normal vehicles.

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What better way to seek vengeance on humanity than infiltrate a happy, unsuspecting American family of five and make their lives a living hellllll? He follows at a distance behind them while they walk home, purposely catching the attention of Beethoven once he discovers which home is theirs, prompting Beethoven to give chase.

Cujo leads the mutt deep into the forest from which he came and knocks him unconscious with a log (or maybe just the biggest stick he can carry in his mouth), returning to the Newton’s home and assuming Beethoven’s identity.

"The wedding was terrific and everyone was so happy to be there," he said.

"We went into it with no stress or worries or cares, except to have a good time." He also told E!

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