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This effort solidifies Ryan's effort to bring perfect balance of faith and science into all of PRS' investigations.

Now it’s time that you hear it and read it from the mouths of those who have been on the receiving end of those acts. My husband and I are not under any legal restraint from telling the truth about what Ryan Buell and Chip Coffey did and what was edited and aired on our episode of A&E’s Paranormal State. He was given every bit of information regarding our case and the identity of the ghost of the past-previous owner of our home who died 28 years before we bought our Gold Beach, Oregon home.

Heather said she’s turned on by “a man I feel a real connection with who is honest, ambitious, and compassionate.” She’s turned off by “a man who thinks he’s God’s gift—cocky is not hot! ” She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, photographer Josh Ryan, and their three dogs, Baxter, Sebastian, and Brandy. “Parties at the Mansion are a lot of fun, but I’d rather go to dinner and a drink at a lounge.” When she’s not working, she hones the tools of her trade—eating well, running, and taking boxing classes.

With a body like Heather’s, there’s no question that she’s the upper cut.

“Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m dressed so fresh so clean,” the singer, 30, sings into the camera in an Instagram video she posted Wednesday night — taken perhaps right before 2-year-old Future Zahir‘s bath time?

“So clean clean,” finishes her son, causing his mama to giggle. On Wednesday, the actor took to Instagram to share a video of his 2-year-old son Charlie West holding an ultrasound photo to announce he and wife Christina are expecting their second child together.

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