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I'm a bored wife (aren't we all lol) looking for some extra fun and excitement!

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;-) We are genuine, social, well presented, polite, good shape and just LOVE sex!!! We are a couple, like many others on here, looking to expand their horizons. Would both like to dip our toes into the Bi world although that's not an absolute must. We are into our music, generally live bands and rock and we are serious foodies, so gigs and restaurants are our main go out nights.

) but I guess like a lot of women I have got a little bit bored with the hubby as far as the bedroom is concerned.

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But thankfully you're not that naive to believe all the hype and falsehoods spun by sex contact sites. Our second is easy access; men and women can exchange private messages securely 24/7 - And the real bonus is: unlike our would-be rivals, you don't have to register or sign up. We can't tell her to like you, the chemistry's either there or it's not, but you're in the driving seat and in a strong position to influence the outcome, but only if you play it right. Emma Valasco (Web Mistress) Charlie Kross (techie stuff) Chloe Pena (verification) Ruth Vidal (help desk) Gemma Keys (everything else) WHERE ARE WE? All you need to Know is that we're right here in the UK. SAFE FOR WOMEN This is the place where women can feel safe, explore their sexuality and engage in NSA adult fun with UK men; where the feminine viewpoint is vital, and eroticism, innovation and fantasy fulfilment are celebrated. We think it's important (or at least interesting) to know where we're coming from here. We're into innovating and cool stuff like that which is good, right?

You've found the ONLY UK sex contacts site that works exactly as it should and where security is as tight as a drum from our end. The most arousing content ever on the most advanced platform. No Rival Site Comes Even Close for Choice, Quality, Speed and Security TO ANYONE THINKING OF GOING ELSEWHERE. You can get what you want here, without telling us anything! We'd describe ourselves as a bunch of edgy and cool, hip chicks who give men what they want.

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