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2.5 Ultra(tm) 1 Ultra(tm) 2 Ultra(tm) 5/10 Ultra(tm) 30 Ultra(tm) 60 / E220R Ultra(tm) 80 / E420R Ultra(tm) Enterprise(tm) 250 Ultra(tm) Enterprise(tm) 450 This utility allows you to interactively update the firmware revisions in specific system Flash PROM components.Type h for help, q to quit, Return or Enter to continue : Every precaution should be taken to prevent the loss of system power during the Flash PROM programming process !

Some systems will need to be updated to a higher level of Open Boot(TM) firmware in the flash PROM before they can run the 64-bit mode of the Solaris(TM) 7 operating environment.

Devices omitted from the pci0-probe-list are not probed.

Devices in the pci0-probe-list are: Due to internal PCI changes introduced in OBP 3.12, the Cheerio node is pseudo-probed and device 1 must always be included in the pci0-probe-list.

Type h for help, q to quit, Return or Enter to continue : Firmware Release(s) Firmware Release(s) Currently Existing in the System Available for Installation / Install ?

------------------------------------------- OBP 3.1.2 1996/03/28 OBP 3.1.5 1996/08/27 no POST 3.1.4 1996/04/09 POST 3.1.5 1996/06/28 no Type sa if you wish to select all available firmware releases for installation.

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