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Point your software to RSS feeds of interest, and you're done!

Delicious, the veteran bookmarking site that last year released a rebuilt version of its service, is moving into its next phase of growth: the company has announced a new version of its API that gives it more security and control over data that is passed through the platform; and it is going to begin to run advertising alongside content on the site.

So like many people, the news of Delicious's impending closure made me look for alternatives. I will not use Diigo At first glance, Diigo seemed like an obvious alternative as it combines social bookmarking with the sorts community collaboration and curation services I like.

I've long weighed a switch to Diigo, particularly as I know a lot of educators use the tool.

When that finishes, the whole layout will reload and start again.

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The existing version 1.0 of the API does not require developers to provide authentication when making API calls, “essentially enabling them to access public information from the Delicious API without us knowing who they are,” save for IP address.

Rather than visiting a series of Web pages every day, many Web users are installing RSS newsreaders and configuring them to pull RSS feeds. Many are available (some as browser extensions); see the Open Directory Project's list.

Configure your RSS newsreader software to point to the URL(s) below. As defined by Wikipedia, RSS (acronymic for Really Simple Syndication) is "a group of XML based web-content distribution and republication (Web syndication) formats primarily used by news sites and weblogs (blogs)." Essentially, an RSS feed is a hosted XML file from which your RSS newsreader pulls headlines, URLs, and other content as it is updated. To get started, you'll need to download and install a free RSS newsreader client.

Delicious says the new API, version 1.1, will go live in the coming weeks.

Delicious doesn’t give a full run-down of what features it will have but does note two key points: it will require authentication for every request to its API, and it will introduce stricter rate limits (again – no details on what those limits will be).

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