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These debates range from a number of comparisons, like whose ship was faster, which was more scientifically possible and accurate, and even who the victor would be if the Federation went to war with the Empire.What are the differences between people that follow the Force, and those who consider themselves “Trekkies”?"But these sites are owned by large companies and certainly not dedicated to Star Trek fans," Gough explained."They are what's known as affiliate dating, whereas the company owns many dating websites and when you join you're featured on all of their sites." What's more are the continued efforts to update and improve Star Trek Dating, like the "site overhaul" the site had in the summer of 2015, followed by "a completely new site" that was launched in October of last year.

Site users can set their preferences for notifications — the default lets the site send emails for everything from new messages and chats, to photo comments, to "winks" you can forward to and receive from users — as well as search for matches according to interests, physical characteristics, age bracket and relationship type.

Rather than compare more things about these classics themselves, I thought, what about the fans?

What are the differences between people that follow the Force, and those who consider themselves “Trekkers”?

If you're looking for the perfect redshirt to snuggle with under a USS Enterprise blanket while watching "Star Trek" reruns, you're in luck.

Single Trekkies of all sexual orientations can beam up their profiles on Trek, a site established in 2013 when founder Jonathan Bird was looking for love himself. He and wife Dawn met on the website just two days after she joined.

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