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Women are also more likely to consort with invaders as well. Women in general do not see the bigger picture, they're more focused on things that effect them directly in everyday life. You would think european preservationists would realize that the overbearing individualism of the west has got us into the mess(interracial marriage/mating).Women are also more likely to consort with invaders as well. This whole idea of "i can do anything i want" or "if it does not involve me who am i to judge" has opened pandora's box.

Physical Attraction is an essential part of the process of falling on love and it should not suppressed just because it doesn't fit in with your liberal ideology.

Effeminate white land whale and his equally fat Negress Another white land whale and some "brotha"Two people of different races can be aligned mentally and spiritually. Also this might shock you but a lot of people out there find people outside of their race attractive.

You can look at the beautiful non-European women for examples of such people in this very forum.

It can be OK if 2 persons of out Africa mix of different races but mixing back to Africa is devolution.

We know what you have come here to do, and that is troll, because this is a European cultural community.

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