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We have several chatrooms, games, and articles to make your chatting experience as fun and entertaining as possible.You can also select some of our most popular chatrooms, games, and articles below.All these following website links are not spam links.

By your own risk you can take a look into these websites.With i OS dropping Flash support and Java beginning to be phased out, sites that work, look great, and deliver the best mobile chat experience are here to stay. The excitement and anticipation as you connect is really something.My connection database table has the followng structure two columns connect(user,stranger) and my servlet code is shown below. i'm using c3p0 connection pooling with min 100 threads open and jetty with min 100 threads. Http Servlet Response; import javax.naming.*; import *; public class connect extends Http Servlet I would guess the lag is coming from all 100 clients attempting to hit the DB at one time.please help me to identify the bottle necks or tools needed to find them. Perhaps consider queuing all of the hits on the DB?

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