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Pottery is one of man’s oldest creations and, today, is one of the means of dating and typing cultures back to the period when stone tools were all that the first villages possessed.Each culture, each area, had its own traditions of potting and thereby adding beauty and utility to the common clay of their region.This contact with what were often primitive conditions also generated certain kinds of traits in Americans—a willingness to take risks, energy, a practical rather than theoretical turn of mind, and a sense of self-reliance and rugged individualism.Having survived these frontier experiences, Americans also developed a high degree of self-confidence and a powerful belief in their own destiny as a people and a nation.To honor and celebrate places of special significance in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition in America, the Presbyterian Historical Society established the American Presbyterian and Reformed Historic Sites Registry.The Registry recognizes those sites that are unique and related to important events, institutions, and personalities in American Presbyterian and Reformed history.Once an animal came to the ranch, she wanted it there for the rest of its life.

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The potter of those earliest days needed to know where to get the best clay, how to mold or throw it, how to heat it, and what minerals to use to give it color and vibrancy.

Great pieces of pottery made by the best potters were widely traded in the ancient world; some pots made journeys of a distance that would not seem out of place in this day and age.

Stabilization and Conservation Service (Farm Services Agency).

While with ASCS Joyce also assisted with computer training and became an officer of the statewide employee association.

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