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But Jehoshua Kaufman, a prominent member of the community, said he was surprised that Bodnia felt more uncomfortable in Sweden than in Copenhagen, given the terror attack on the Danish capital’s synagogue a year ago.

“They killed two people in Copenhagen, not in Malmo,” he said. I find it funny." Bodnia made an appearance at Copenhagen's synagogue in the days after the attack last year to pay his respects to Dan Uzan, the security guard who was killed. that he was so worried by the issue of anti-semitism that he had lobbied the scriptwriters to bring the issue into the plot of the third series, pushing them to have his character Rhode encounter inmates with fanatical anti-Jewish beliefs while in prison.

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Unlike traditional Stockholm and cobbled, Dutch-style Gothenburg, Malmö is the younger, trendier sibling of the trio.Bodnia, who plays Danish detective Martin Rohde, left fans of the Danish-Swedish drama devastated when he dropped out of the third series, leaving Saga Norén, his character’s eccentric, neurodivergent Swedish counterpart, to find a new Danish sidekick.At the time Bodnia, who is Jewish, put the decision down to a difference of opinion with scriptwriters, but in an interview with Israel’s Walla!The city's proximity to the continent is reflected in its highly diverse population, and the many ethnic restaurants scattered around town bear testament to that fact.A settlement has existed here since the 13th century, and Malmö, despite offering a modern exterior to the world, is a city filled with history.

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