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Additionally, many of them were drawn by better artists...or, if not objectively "better," than at least artists with a more individualistic style, artists whose work stands out as strikingly different than so much of the New 52 line's (thankfully starting to erode a bit) "house style." In writing about those variants when the solicits were released, I pulled out The Flash cover as an example of one that seemed to suggest a more interesting story than the one that would actually appear in the book, and wished the interiors matched the variant cover rather than matching the regular cover. Later, I went back and tried to imagine stories to match all the Harley variants (some of which were much easier to do than for others), to be drawn by the cover artists rather than the interior artists and written by the regular artists and, um, me, even if my contribution was simply to write the solicitation that a real comics writer would then flesh out. Art and cover by NICOLA SCOTT and DANNY MIKI On sale FEBRUARY 4 • 32 pg, FC, .99 US • RATED T After a long night of drinking at villains bar The Dark Side, Terra-Man has taken all the ridicule he can stand from Harley Quinn. He spends his time trying to take down the most powerful superhero in the universe, whereas Harley and her stupid boyfriend can't even kill a single normal human being who dresses like a bat.Miller, Ray Chippeway and Dennis Larden Director: Lee H. Portrait of a Showgirl, 1982, Composer Stars: Lesley Ann Warren, Rita Moreno and Dianne Kay Director: Steven Hilliard Stern Production Company: Hamner Productions, Inc. Schlep napped (September 18, 1976) - Music Supervisor 3.Katzin Production Company: Cinema Organization Cactus Flower, 1969, Orchestrator (Uncredited) Stars: Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn Director: Gene Saks Production Companies: Columbia Pictures Corporation and Frankovich Productions The Thousand Plane Raid, 1969, Composer Stars: Christopher George, Laraine Stephens and J. Cannon Director: Boris Sagal Production Company: Oakmont Productions I'll Take Sweden, 1965, Composer Stars: Bob Hope, Dina Merrill and Tuesday Weld Director: Frederick De Cordova Production Company: Edward Small Productions TV MOVIES A Salute to America's Pets, 1991, Composer Stars: Marla Gibbs, Mary Frann, Rick Dees and Alex Trebek Director: Sid Smith Production Company: Unknown Jake Spanner, Private Eye, 1989, Composer Stars: Robert Mitchum, Ernest Borgnine and Laurie Latham Director: Lee H. Salim Ajami, 1988, Composer Stars: Sam Waterson, Ron Leibman and Robert Davi Director: Jeff Bleckner Production Companies: Century Group Ltd., George Englund Productions and Robert Papazian Productions Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis, 1988, Composer Stars: Bob Denver, Tricia Leigh Fisher and Steve Franken Director: Stanley Cherry Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation The Vegas Strip War, 1984, Composer Stars: Rock Hudson, Sharon Stone and Madison Mason Director: George Englund Production Company: George Englund Productions Jealousy, 1984, Composer Stars: Angie Dickinson, David Carradine and Paul Michael Glaser Director: Jeffrey Bloom Production Company: Alan Sacks Productions, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and Charles Fries Productions Carpool, 1983, Composer Stars: Harvey Korman, Peter Scolari and T. Goldie and the Boxer Go to Hollywood, 1981, Composer Stars: O. Simpson, Melissa Michaelsen and Roger Bowen Director: David Miller Production Company: Columbia Pictures Television and Orenthal Productions The Star Maker, 1981, Composer Stars: Rock Hudson, Suzanne Pleshette and Melanie Griffith Director: Lou Antonio Production Companies: Carson Productions and Channing/Debin/Locke Productions A Gun in the House, 1981, Composer Stars: Sally Struthers, David Ackroyd and Dick Anthony Williams Director: Ivan Nagy Production Company: Channing/Debin/Locke Productions Leave 'em Laughing, 1981, Composer Stars: Mickey Rooney, Anne Jackson and Allen Garfield Director: Jackie Cooper Production Company: Charles Fries Productions Twirl, 1981, Composer Stars: Erin Moran, Lisa Whelchel and Charles Haid Director: Gus Trikonis Production Company: Atrium Productions and Charles Fries Productions The .20 an Hour Dream, 1980, Composer Stars: Linda Lavin, Richard Jaeckel and Nicholas Pryor Director: Russ Mayberry Production Company: Finnegan Associates Mark, I Love You, 1980, Composer Stars: Kevin Dobson, James Whitmore and Cassie Yates Director: Gunnar Hellstrom Production Company: The Aubrey Company The Jayne Mansfield Story, 1980, Composer Stars: Loni Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ray Buktenica Director: Dick Lowry Production Company: Alan Landsburg Productions For the Love of It, 1980, Composer Stars: Deborah Raffin, Jeff Conway and Barbi Benton Director: Hal Kanter Production Company: Charles Fries Productions A Cry for Love, 1980, Composer Stars: Susan Blakely, Powers Boothe and Charles Sieber Director: Paul Wendkos Production Company: Charles Fries Productions Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders II, 1980, Composer Stars: Laraine Stephens, Julie Hill and Roxanne Gregory Director: Bruce Bilson Production Company: Aubrey/Hamner Productions When Hell Was in Session, 1979, Composer Stars: Hal Holbrook, Eva Marie Saint and Mako Director: Paul Kransny Production Company: Aubrey/Hamner Productions, HBO Feature The Child Stealer, 1979, Composer Stars: Beau Bridges, Blair Brown and Cristina Raines Director: Mel Damski Production Companies: Columbia Pictures Television and The Production Company Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, 1979, Composer Stars: Jane Seymour, Laraine Stephens and Bert Convy Director: Bruce Bilson Production Company: Aubrey/Hamner Productions The Jericho Mile, 1979, Composer Stars: Peter Strauss, Richard Lawson and Roger E. I Kidd You Not (September 25, 1976) - Music Supervisor 4. Shampoo with Hair Conditioning Action CUPID: Can't fire me, Missy. Part One 44 "ESTHER'S LIKE THAT" by Ben Gage (Esther Williams) 48 MY BEST FINDS OF '46 by Hedda Hopper (Lizabeth Scott-Mark Stevens) 50 IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE! Roberta Broth: Gloria Egan, 10748 Holeman Avenue, Los Angeles, has the ROSS HUNTER FAN CLUB. if Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and first came to fame there as star athlete and glee club vocalist for the local High School. The fan clubs we mean are no fly-by-night propositions. "You mean it was like that when you bought the place? Boys don't wear dresses — " "They looked so darling, I thought I could always use them as shower gifts. " "So he'll look like you — " He kissed the top of her head. Mendaco is not a smoke, injection or spray, but is in tasteless tablets which you take exactly according to simple directions at meals. Her beautiful daugh- ter, not red or wrinkled, at all, staring straight at her with eyes that were just like Ted's—! Let's start where the picture starts — on the day that Nancy is to be married to John Willis (Gene Raymond). by using Drene Shampoo with Hair Conditioning action." No other shampoo leaves your hair more lustrous, yet so easy to manage. CUPID: —can't do anything for a Granite Face who won't even break down and beam at a man once in a while! CUPID: But there is "pink" on your tooth brush, perhaps? (Joan Leslie— Ray Milland— Margaret O'Brien) 42 GREGORY PECK LIFE STORY. For his is the story of an entertainer who, in little more than five years, zoomed from dance-band vocal- ist to one of the nation's greatest celebrities. I was charmed with Paris." "I'm curious about that nursery," Rita said. In fact she said it so often that Ted started wondering — "If you want a boy that badly, how come you bought those dresses at Saks? '." he yelled, and proceeded to yank Ted's arm out of its socket. This helps you get good fresh air into your lungs and promotes restful sleep, which is a natural aid to greater energy. " "He said to tell you he's the happiest man alive — " He was waiting when they wheeled her out. Whether you did or not probably had no lasting effect on your life, but in the case of Nancy Patton (Laraine Day) it made her a thief and a murderess.

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