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His parents knew Devon had a gift at the age of six when he began doing impressions of Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994). His parents enrolled him in acting classes at Atlanta`s community children`s theater at the Talent Factory, where Devon excelled in the lead roles in such plays as "The Emperor`s New Clothes" and "Halloween at Boo Castle." After four years at the top of the Theater Factory, Devon appeared alongside Charles Barkley in a commercial for the NBA.

At the age of 10, Devon appeared in his first blockbuster, We Were Soldiers (2002), as Mel Gibson`s son.

According to a post on his blog from back in 2005, Johnson (heh) is more or less a known fruit, having been outed in a story in KC’s local from back then.

The latest such incident involves Jay-Z, who’s supposedly teh ghey and lives with this guy named Larry Johnson.

Do gooders: Teri and Emerson, seen here in January, have been bonding since they worked together to launch her sky-rocketing charitable website,

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And even if it feels a bit ridiculous, the story challenges us with an exploration of bullying and social pressure that's deeply unsettling.

Sadly, they split up just a week before the movie premiered, making for rather awkward interactions on the red carpet. Nikki in 2007, way before she married her husband Ian Somerhalder, and Ashley later in 2013.

Later, Taylor went on to work with Jamie Campbell Bower on Twilight, who began dating Lily soon after.

After working with one of Hollywood`s most famous actor-directors, Devon and his mother packed their things and headed for Hollywood to score more roles--and he did.

Before long, he booked a role with John Larroquette and Lesley Ann Warren in the independent film Recipe for Disaster (2003) (TV).

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