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Consequently, he designed topo maps of the place for other climbers and posted them over the internet.Harry and Dave were among the first four climbers who developed this bouldering retreat for the community.In the last episode of Himalayan Rides, we (me and my readers) travelled from Gramphoo to Chatru on way to Chandratal. But this 31 kms journey is no pushover, as it tests your riding skills. Also see: Himalayan Rides : Gramphoo to Chatru Its a very small stretch in terms of the total ride but still I thought to devote a full post to this, as this one was very important in letting me know what to expect on the way ahead and what I need to do to keep myself better prepared. Chhota Dara is 17 kms from Chatru and Batal is another 14 kms from there.But in the morning when I was packing the things at Chatru, I found that the sole of my both the shoes have not just only ripped off, but broken into pieces beyond any kind of repair. They had come to me all the way from Geneva, Switzerland. Till Chatru, I had not required to cross any stream, hence I didn’t fell any requirement for waterproof shoes and I carried on in my sports shoes.

In fact, it has become an attractive destination for climbing in summers.Sparsely populated, the village comprises only two stone and a PWD guest house.However, being cut off from the rest of the world for over 6 months a year, hasn’t posed an impediment in Chatru’s recognition – as a world class destination for bouldering in India.Tucked away right behind the sky high Rohtang La is a tiny pasture, situated at the entrance of the Spiti Valley.Unlike most hamlets in this part of the cold Himalayan desert, Chatru has a unique imagery composed of high peaks and green grasslands.

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