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The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center will advocate for survivors to secure housing in the survivor’s name to help build future credit, and link them to regional services, including job development programs.Read More Here Send a tribute gift in honor of someone important in your life while helping victims of gender-based violence.

The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center offers specialized safety planning, advocacy and long-term case management for American overseas survivors either living with an abuser or after the relationship has ended.This is an opportunity for you to talk with your lawmakers about important topics like sexual violence.Read More Men and boys who have been sexually assaulted face the same mental and physical effects as other survivors.Without the reproductive system, babies would not be born to grow into adults to give birth to more babies. All living things on the planet reproduce more of their own kind, and they do so in one of two ways.Some organisms reproduce by splitting in half or by growing buds that eventually turn into copies of the original organism.

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