Validating required fields

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In client side validation the data is validated in the browser using Java Script before submitting the data to the server.For example, suppose your user submits the form without entering a mandatory field. As a little refresher from before: Using controlled inputs implies we are storing all the input values in our state.To indicate whether a particular input is valid, without any additional information as to means a field is invalid.In future, if we decide we need to store the reason something was invalid, we can replace true/false here with a string containing an error message.Now that we know how we want to display the errors AND know how to represent them, there’s something crucial missing.

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However, when running update validators, the document being updated may not be in the server's memory, so by default the value of The other key difference that update validators only run on the paths specified in the update.

If the validation fails, the transition will not be completed.

The 'Fields Required' validator checks whether values for specified fields are set for a given transition.

A workflow is configured so that the 'Resolve' transition has the 'Fields Required' validator where 'Fix Version' is mandatory.

If a user attempts to resolve an issue on this workflow, where the 'Fix Version' field its value not set, the validation will fail and the transition will not be completed.

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