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In an interview this morning, Tyga denied that he’s sleeping with Kylie and says that they’re not dating, they’re just friends.

People can believe what they want to believe, but the fact is that the Internet is exploding with whether or not a relationship between a 25-year-old dude and a teenage girl is okay.

Khloe brought up Amber’s past as a teenage stripper and essentially told Amber to stay her in lane, and Amber replied with a heavy dose of snark.

But once you get past all of the bickering, Amber’s main point is actually a good one: What the hell is Tyga doing allegedly dating a teenage girl?

Many sites such as POF also offer a more adult alternative to their dating niches.

This form of dating is a growing niche within the dating world, with many sites offering an adult dating service, even if their offerings aren't strictly adult oriented. just ask these adult celebs who dated teens barely over the legal limit!Everyone knows how Tyga robbed the cradle when it came to his relationship with Kylie Jenner, who was just 14 when she met the then 22-year-old rapper at her sister Kendall's Sweet 16 party.Many adult dating sites focus on the local aspect of finding a match.Some users regard the service as no different from finding a one-night stand on a night out.

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