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Patients need to keep moving so that their brain starts to recalibrate and ignore the faulty signals - staying indoors and not moving is the worst thing they can do.'And although most cases of both conditions will resolve completely within three to eight weeks, about 10 per cent will have permanent damage to the labyrinth or vestibular nerve, and dizziness persists.

These patients should be referred for specialist assessment, says Professor Luxon.

Don’t read if you are offended by sexually explicit content!I had no sense of balance.'The labyrinth not only contains the cochlea, which relays sound to the brain, but also the vestibular system, a complex set of fluid-filled channels that sends messages to the brain to help with balance.Indeed, doctors often treat labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis as one condition, as the symptoms - and treatment - are largely the same (the only difference is that labyrinthitis may also causes hearing loss).These guidelines are primarily concerned with offences that may be committed by reason of the nature or content of a communication sent via social media.Where social media is simply used to facilitate some other substantive offence, prosecutors should proceed under the substantive offence in question.

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