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One of the earliest records of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty in 1438 confirms growing mandarin orange trees in a traditional Korean greenhouse during the winter and installing an ondol system to provide heat.

Mientras, Go Eun Byul(Gemela de Lee Eun Bi) es una estudiante muy popular en la escuela secundaria privada de Seúl. Hyun Tae Woon es un insolente y rebelde estudiante de secundaria que se traslada a una escuela coreana tras ser expulsado de una de los Estados Unidos.

In the 15th century, Korea was the only country to use a quantitative measuring device for the purpose of meteorological observation.

One of the earliest systems of underfloor heating, dating back 2,500 years, was invented and widely used by Koreans.

Korean fortresses were based on a stone culture and built using stones, and often incorporated natural mountainous terrain, and therefore were conceptually completely different compared to Chinese fortresses, which were based on an earth culture and built using bricks from earth.

Pagodas were created in India using earth, then in China using wood, which spread to the Three Kingdoms of Korea, and then Japan; however, the pagoda tradition of East Asia diverged, with China creating pagodas using bricks, Korea creating pagodas using stone, and Japan continuing to use wood.

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