Backdating insurance definition

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An insurer issuing a policy providing coverage for workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance, property, casualty, except mortgage guaranty, surety, or marine insurance, other than motor vehicle insurance subject to s.

If you also get your private fuel paid for, then you will pay tax on a further benefit of £564, resulting in a further tax of just over £110.

If a dishonored check represents the initial premium payment, the contract and all contractual obligations shall be void ab initio unless the nonpayment is cured within the earlier of 5 days after actual notice by certified mail is received by the applicant or 15 days after notice is sent to the applicant by certified mail or registered mail, and if the contract is void, any premium received by the insurer from a third party shall be refunded to that party in full; and When such cancellation or termination occurs during the first 90 days during which the insurance is in force and the insurance is canceled or terminated for reasons other than nonpayment of premium, at least 20 days’ written notice of cancellation or termination accompanied by the reason therefor shall be given except where there has been a material misstatement or misrepresentation or failure to comply with the underwriting requirements established by the insurer.

After the policy has been in effect for 90 days, no such policy shall be canceled by the insurer except when there has been a material misstatement, a nonpayment of premium, a failure to comply with underwriting requirements established by the insurer within 90 days of the date of effectuation of coverage, or a substantial change in the risk covered by the policy or when the cancellation is for all insureds under such policies for a given class of insureds.

CANCELLATION AND NONRENEWAL OF CERTAIN LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICIESSec. The term does not include a county mutual fire insurance company that writes exclusively industrial fire insurance as described by Section 912.310 or a farm mutual insurance company.(2) "Liability insurance" means:(A) general liability insurance;(B) professional liability insurance other than medical professional liability insurance;(C) commercial automobile liability insurance;(D) commercial multiperil insurance; and(E) any other type or line of liability insurance designated by the department.

In this subchapter:(1) "Insurer" means an insurance company or other entity admitted to engage in business and authorized to write liability insurance in this state, including a county mutual insurance company, a Lloyd's plan, and a reciprocal or interinsurance exchange.

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