Gemini dating libra

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The Gemini woman falling in love with the Libra man: it is like the sweet and gentle bite, the first gulp of the heavy red wine from Spain or Chile, where the first taste is heavy and the immediate feeling a bit dizzy.

The Gemini man falling in love with the Libra woman: this couple resembles the short summer rainstorm – you can not swim in it, nor can you properly walk in it.

When they hurt you, it's hard to get them to take responsibility for it.

Love, Sex, Marriage, Dating, Break up, Friendship The love of Gemini and Libra represents a very original match.

Both zodiac signs seem to be perfectly compatible and predestined to each other.

Don't bother, man...""Dude, I know your thinking about someone, is it by any chance... Well, it's just that I thought that it might be time for Libra to know what I feel for her...""Hmmm..., I totally support you dude, but what about that Leo?

We've been friends for years, so I know everything you're thinking about.""Yeah... It seems like Libra doesn't care that Leo's present and still she insists we meet after school. "Libra then leaves with Leo, who seems careless of what just happened, and Sagittarius starts bothering me again:"Yo' dude!

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