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I just got this same message, only the phone number had been blocked and I could not reply by text. "Hey i got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am! If you wanna come see if you recognize me online at psychocutie_080. i am with telus, i think they should have some sort of record as to where these messages are coming from.

It said Hi:) I took your number froma frien, I bet you wont guess who I am aww, Im awful shy. I could not reply to tell them to stop texting or identify. I got a text last night (may 25) from lonwolf624 ...saying he got my number from a friend and is shy and he heard I was amusing..first I was mad a whoever would give out my number, but I could not think of who I know would do this. Well hope to see you soon." I wonder how many ppl have gotten this same text??? if someone is using the telus site to send text they can be sent with no callback.

When you search that site it is no where to be found. Wanting to know who this creep was, I searched it and found something different; some jungle website showed up. How he gets our cell phone numbers is a mystery to me (I am with Telus as well) but I have never replied to any emails from the dating site Mate1until lastnight ...there something I should be cautious about??? i donno what the f*** this is so someone tell me bc this is the first i ever had this txt sent to me and im threw telus as well and as i read the posts above its the same axcept different addresses and i tryed findout out maybe there might be a site and no then i found this and read sumpost and i was like what the fuckk man i donno but this is trippy Oh My Gosh !!! He states he got my number from a friend and If I did not remember him I can go on line and search this address to see if I recognize him. I also have a telus cell phone and have recently talked to a service provider regarding downloading songs to my phone that did not work.

After reading responses from the rest of you, i've realized that it probably was just some s*** spam. i got the same message today March 22/2008 at about pm it said that the person got my number from a friend and that i will never guess who it is then they say their name is hope0707 and to go to to see if i know them. i signed up thinking it was really a friend of mine but when i did hope0707 was some girl who doesn't know me. Any one else do or have the same type of thing that could lead to finding out who this person is?

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I do not think that this person can target specifically male or female because they don't know who you are.

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if your phone has online conections i guess its a highr risk idk.

my friend got the some msg and she got her email hacked through her iphone.

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