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You want to make some changes to the setup of your 1 month old Buffalo LS220D NAS unit.

You log on to the Admin page So your NAS tells you there is a Firmware update, you foolishly decide that this is good idea – a real good idea!

However it gets to “Step 2/6” and just sits there the cute little cog rotates itself happily. Are people going to laugh at me in the street, ‘cos I could not manage to do a simple firmware update? Well, probably nothing that a few simple instructions issued by the MARVELOUS Buffalo software BEFORE the update starts could have easily avoided. You may corrupt your firmware; it may restart OK, but might also be screwed…

You smile gently to yourself and think “Cool, look a little cog letting me know we’re still firmware updating”. Why the points of preparation I provide for you here were not issued before the update begins makes my face look like this…. There are stories on forums that indicate that after restarting and the unit powering up OK, that the update simply resumes showing the dreaded “Step 2/6” and the cog still turning (“that’s my boy!

Though like with anything regular maintenance is required whether this be removing the dust or fluff from the fan at the back or keeping the firmware up-to-date. The Iomega IX2 or IX4 NAS has two parts to it than can have firmware revisions applying to it.

The first is the most obvious and is for the actual IX4 unit itself.

To check to see if your IX NAS device is running the latest firmware version you have a couple of options.Note, you sometimes have to apply a few firmware updates to get the latest version, so you should run this routine until no more updates are available. I haven't been able to find a solution for that; although, I'm still working with Leawo. It's like the DL4100 is rejecting the file and not telling me that it's been rejected. (Which makes, for me., the Android app Now why didn't I think of that! I tried to the update with Internet Explorer on Windows 10. Obviously that's wrong because if I do that it Plex to the older version on the WD app store.Because ECS is only one input to the framework used to estimate the SCC, updating the ECS alone may not significantly improve the estimates.The report also recommends ways to change the IWG's technical support documents to enhance the qualitative characterization of uncertainties associated with the SCC estimates, which would increase the transparency of the estimates when used in regulatory impact analyses.

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