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Every corner of Hotel echoes the captivating charme of Venice itself.

No other hotel ever combined elegance and history with such a passion.

Each room is unique and individually decorated, the style is understated, classical and unhurried.

With its splendid panoramic terrace on the Grand Canal, LAlcova Restaurant is open all year, allowing you to indulge both your passion for Venice and your love for food and wine.

Dating back to the 15th Century, the Palace retains many examples of its glorious past: period time furnishing, precious fabrics and magnificent art works can be seen throughout.

truly wraps you into history as though you have lived in Venice all your life and to sleep within the walls of this exceptional boutique property, is like passing through 5 centuries of history.

Though having some doubts, middle aged Ellen Santiago Laws votes with her peers on the jury and helps convicts Jesus of first degree murder.

Having a chance to realize what she did, Ellen wonders if she did the right thing by meekly submitting to her fellow jurors.

The typifies the perfect Venetian Palazzo Hotel, where exceptional decoration, style and quality are effortlessly combined with contemporary chic.Drawn from the cream of the crop of the country’s teenagers, the unit provides Israel with her first line of defense against her enemies.They are also allegedly responsible for many of the country’s hard-charging offensive cyber operations, like disabling Syria’s air defense system before the IAF bombed the Al Kibar nuclear facilities in 2007.“Please move away from the Mossad booth,” said the hostess of a networking event I recently attended on a balmy evening at an undisclosed location in Tel Aviv.Because I was the only nongraduate of Unit 8200 present—aside from the bartenders and security personnel at the front door—Israel’s clandestine service didn’t want me loitering around seeing whom they might recruit.

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