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The former pro managed to sneak the happy news into a speech he gave Saturday at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Class of 2017 ceremony in Newport, R. "My wife, Brooklyn, most people don't know you're kind of nuts.You're my partner in crime," Roddick said, according to People.

“Aside from the construction, we did everything ourselves,” she tells us.Is it a nagging injury, trouble in the locker room or even, yes, a personal problem?When the Justin Verlander only wins 15 games instead of 24, it must be due to his model girlfriend, right?Users of the site who purchase items on their ‘wish list’ — which husbands and significant others can also use to score brownie points — generate a commission for Finery, which is linked to 10,000 brands and 500 stores. Retired tennis star Andy Roddick and his actress and model wife Brooklyn Decker are expecting their second child, a baby girl.

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