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All you need to do to answer this question is look at a selection of Women seeking men ads in the personal columns of newspapers.

I have also been going thru Chubby (Google's distributed locking service) and the various literature on it that is available online.

I said to a person that she is "chubby" and, apparently, she took it very seriously.

What I meant to say is that she's not skin and bones, she carried more pounds than needed but, precisely because of that, she should be actually more attractive.

In Italian I would say that she is "in carne" but I don't know its English equivalent. @Bob, in America, it is typically impolite to discuss a woman's weight in any manner beyond compliments such as "you look like you've lost weight".

I personally feel that this interferes with the issue of obesity, but generally speaking: avoid discussing a woman's weight (and age).

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    Some critics say sapiosexuality is ableist and possibly discriminatory, since intelligence comes in many forms.“The saying ‘smart is sexy’ is problematic because you're insinuating (probably subconsciously) that those who aren't ‘traditionally’ smart are less attractive,” wrote one commenter on a Facebook thread.

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