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I’ve just gone with the option of creating a basic thumbnail from scratch.Obviously you can create something much better than this.But there’s no explanation why it couldn’t just flag videos of those who don’t sign the deal as “Not On Red”, and instead had to go with a sign-or-disappear strategy.According to Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl at today’s You Tube Red launch event, 99% of content consumed on You Tube will be still available, noting that the vast majority of creators signed the deal.You Tube made its top video creators an offer they literally couldn’t refuse, or they’d have their content disappear.Today You Tube confirmed that any “partner” creator who earns a cut of ad revenue but doesn’t agree to sign its revenue share deal for its new You Tube Red .99 ad-free subscription will have their videos hidden from public view on both the ad-supported and ad-free tiers.Those who are, Morjax told Polygon, are most likely content creators with channels full of superficial, spammy content.“As it is right now, anyone can make an account, and partner with You Tube, and then run any kind of content they like so long as it's within You Tube's community guidelines,” he said.

Make sure that it is easy for those people to visit your site and find you on social networks, by putting a link in your description.

Although this threshold may sound steep for You Tubers with small followings, one statistically minded Let’s Player told Polygon that the actual impact will be minimal at best.

Steve “Morjax” Sylvestre runs a gaming-focused You Tube channel, which features playthroughs and explainers on a regular basis.

You Tube courted some controversy yesterday with the announcement of a revision to its partner program.

Content creators will no longer be able to profit of their videos until their channels hit 10,000 total views.

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