Diy updating knob and tub

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Then I hung it from the ceiling with several strands of twine and a couple of ceiling hooks. Ideally, they’d be big enough to put my husband’s wool sweaters on, but I had to work with the space I had, right?

Older houses often have what is called ‘knob and tube’ wiring.

Some of the safety features of the system are: Improper alterations Improper alterations are the most consistent problem I find with knob and tube wiring, and they pose a significant safety hazard.

Unfortunately from a safety standpoint, the electrical system is one of the few things in a home that can be installed completely wrong and still Additional branches improperly added to the original wiring is one of the common problems I see.

All it takes is black gloss paint and a few pieces of hardware.

: Approximately for base molding and liquid nail. Cheap chunky baseboards: If you love the look of chunky baseboards but can’t afford to get all new trim for your floors, try this project. Spray paint door knobs: If you’re happy with your door knobs, but just want them to look a little more polished and updated, take a can of spray paint to them for a new look. Dutch door upgrade: Turn your hollow core door into a half Dutch door, complete with a ledge.

Dear Home Inspector: Our home inspector recommended replacing the knob and tube wiring in our home.

Two separate pieces of wood combine to make a nice big molding on top. Only, I didn’t have an old ladder, so I followed this tutorial from Diane at Our Vintage Home Love and built my own. I can't add 2 2 to save my life, but I can help you decorate your home in a style that you will love... So you might want to go grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and get comfortable. Before the makeover, this is what people would see when they walked by the laundry room: Yup, a closed door.We’ve highlighted 100 DIY home upgrade projects that you can complete for 0 or less.Some are small, some are large, but all of them are incredibly affordable.

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