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An ideal vision of a better society can only exist in a fictional book in a perfect world. The idea of taking money from neets/hikimori has never really sat well with me, but I guess it's not like anyone's forcing anyone to donate. That said, thanks again and may Haruhi bless you and your waifu. They haven't changed much but I thought I'd reword them a little and add some explanations to each one to hopefully clarify things.If you are going to imagine an ideal vision of a better society, at least give it magic and other fantasy crap that makes the place interesting."I decided to have a poll to see if what we should do with the /420/ board, since it seems to be a source of controversy. If there's any problems with them or things you don't understand feel free to let me know.If was to be sold it would possibly be worth ,017 USD (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 12 month period). According to our google pagerank analysis, the url currently has a pagerank of /10.

(DS9 novel: Avatar, Book Two) The gametes of each "male" sex contain one quarter of the number of chromosomes necessary to produce offspring.

Sailing off into the sunset isn't exactly the same as sailing off into Antiva.

Hawke and Anders still have much to sort out, both in and out of their new leather trousers.

The Andorian and Aenar species are unusual in that there are four distinct Andorian and Aenar sexes, and a union between all four sexes, an act known as the shelthreth, is required for procreation.

Two of the sexes, thaan and chan, are approximately masculine, and the other two genders, zhen and shen, are approximately feminine.

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