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Peer-to-peer data transfer capabilities available in Web RTC-enabled browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Opera/other) helps with the quality of communication (law latency) and scalability.

All infrastructure required for Web RTC p2p communication is offered by Vox Implant, including signaling built-in the SDK, STUN/TURN/ICE support, etc.

Hi, still can not run the program but i m writing for some asistance, i wrote a media player with c# (i m not using wmp), i want that users can share their playlists with the peers in their group, i think i m not at the wrong place.

When a user select the file which exist in the other user list, it will added to this user list and play when turn is come.

After account activation you will get the access to Vox Implant Control Panel.

Shown in the code below is the methods for the chats that are held within a Client Thread class that regulates the interaction between client and server using threads stored in a shared Array List.

How would you implement the code for multiple peer-to-peer chats here?

The Chat sample is not based on the concept of client and service.

It is a true peer-to-peer application with each instance acting as a peer of other instances.

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