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As the weather is mild here for most part of the year, every square turns often into a big outdoor bar.The locals love their evening ”passeggiata” (slow(!Borgo Pio is also rather dull at night and contains few, if any, of Rome’s finest restaurants.The white-collar Prati district, a middle-class suburb just east of the Vatican, is possibly a better choice, thanks to its smattering of affordable hotels, its shopping streets, and the fact that it boasts some excellent places to eat.

With the exception of those last sights, it’s fair to say that Rome has the most compact and walkable city center in Europe.From classical theatre pieces to ballet, from a musical to opera compositions, the city offers a wide range of possibilities, with her off theatres or with her more institutional theatres.For the classical music lovers, a special mention goes to the Auditorium which hosts, among the other things, also the prestigious music foundation and Institution of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia.Take a walk at Campo De Fiori right before midnight and you can entertain yourself observing bunches of sleeked young man coming down from the suburbs to show themselves off and to try to chat up the foreign girls like modern( but harmless) predators.Something folkloristic and stereotyped maybe, but not so far from the truth.

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