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Concomitantadministration of coagulation factors is therefore required.Nevertheless, because of the short HLT of transfused coagulationfactors (factor II: 48 to 60 hours; factor VII: 5 to 6 hours;factor IX: 20 to 24 hours; factor X: 24 to 48 hours), the administrationof 5 to 20 mg of vitamin K is necessary to achieve a sustainedreversal of anticoagulation.42–46 The effect of vitamin K is more rapid when given intravenously.

Tebble used the standard black rubber for the section and clip screw, which gave the prototype a stunning appearence.

2017 – Martin Alpert, 86, who worked in the Chicago fastener industry for 50 years, including with XL Screw Corp.

2004 – Gordon Arborak, 68, founder of Pacific Fasteners Inc. He and his wife, Evelyn Arborak, founded Pacific in 1972. He was a board member of the Western Association of Fastener Distributors from 1986 to 1989.

Thunnus CI4 is up to 7 ounces lighter than its predecessor without sacrificing any power. Due to new drag systems for the Main Drag and the Baitrunner drag Thunnus CI4 is the most efficient live bait spinning reel on the market with unmatched adjustability for fishing any bait in any condition as well as the smooth stopping power that this generation of Thunnus will be known for. This makes me worry about the long term durability of the new Thunnus. Time will have to be my judge on if the composite holds up as well as the metal for the older Baitcasters. Once a fish is on, turn the handle and the reel automatically switches from baitrunner mode to fighting mode.

Thunnus CI4 is a response to all the anglers out there in love with the ease of use and functionality that wanted the reel to shed some weight. One of the reels I received the composite base was broken and I had to return for a replacement. I love these reels for surf fishing because I can set the reel on my rod holder, flick on the baitrunner switch and I don't have to worry about leaving the bail open or loosening up my main drag.

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