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Teebore, I am an unabashed fan of Beverly Hills, 90210, having grown up watching its ten season run and continuing to watch occasional episodes, thanks in large part to Soapnet reruns.

In honor of 90210 Day (9/02/10) here are five of the most memorable moments from 90210. The debut of Valerie Already the subject of many of young man's fantasy thanks to her turn as squeaky clean Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell, Tiffani Amber Thiessen rolled into Beverly Hills in the wake of Shannon Doherty's departure from the show.

“We have #90210 all reunions all the time, even digitally,” Ziering shared with a screenshot of the call.

Much to the continued embarrassment and consternation of Mrs.

PHOTOS: Beverly Hills, 90210 stars, then and now "Well, there you go!

"One of my favorite episodes to shoot was the very first episode that I was in, because I wasn't in the pilot of the show.

“To my soul sister @theshando strongest lady i've ever known. i used to be threatened by your spirit, now i'm in awe of it,” Garth wrote. #fightlikeagirl #fightlikebrenda #aries.” WATCH: ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Cast Dishes on Off Screen Fights and Hookups in ‘91 to my soul sister @theshando strongest lady i've ever known. i used to be threatened by your spirit, now i'm in awe of it. #fightlikeagirl #fightlikebrenda #aries A photo posted by Jennie 💛 (@jenniegarth) on Christine Elise (Emily), Vincent Young (Noah), James Eckhouse (Brenda and Brandon’s dad Jim) and Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea) also attended the event.

Brenda sees Kelly and Dylan together as she and Donna leave for Paris...

Brenda and Donna are now in Paris, where they meet Maggie, Lynette, Anne, and Marie - they both have trouble understanding the menu, and end up eating cow brains at La Champagne, following their visit to the Balzac House; David dreams of Donna while he practices his music; Steve advises Brandon to make a move on Andrea..jealousy over Jay forces him to and he kisses her - but she still loves Jay, and may not attend the Republican National Convention because of it; Andrea meets a deaf boy, Cameron Shaw; Dylan writes a letter for his dad to the parole board but his dad remains in jail.

Brandon quits working at the Peach Pit to get a job at the Beverly Hills Beach Club...

Andrea is also working there as the Kiddy Camp Program Head Counselor and has started dating Jay Thermon from Northwestern.

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