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In a way that was impossible before, the world had the chance to tune in to a situation that hopped geographies and personal friend networks on police violence.

In Minnesota, Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of the Philando Castile, went live on Facebook and actively reported the developments of what happened after her boyfriend was shot while sitting in his car at a traffic stop.

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Horror footage shows Mike asking about the children’s age and what he can do to them. Play them…To make u happy,” one of the sisters writes back.

Die brings Steve home, and struggles to care for him under financial distress.

He gives her jewelry reading "Mommy", which she suspects he has stolen.

It’s something no mother could ever bear to imagine happening to their own child.

In the Philippines, children as young as seven are forced to have sex with travelling paedophiles—from the US, UK and Australia—for money.

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