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The guns would be taken to the port armoury to be locked in packing cases stamped with the security firm’s logo.

That meant the British team were now guarding, unarmed, a multimillion-dollar target, in the most dangerous seas in the world, the Somali-pirate-infested waters around the Horn of Africa.

Just then the dots in the distance turned into the sight they’d been dreading.‘Fifteen minutes after the Djibouti police took our weapons, over the horizon came a whole load of fishing boats,’ says Matt, who served in the SAS before leaving 20 years ago to work in the highly secretive – and lucrative – ex-special-forces industry known as ‘The Circuit’.

Over the last three years, ransoms for commercial vessels in the Indian Ocean have risen from 0,000 to as much as million and beyond.

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Frenchwoman Evelyne Colombo being held hostage in a pirate skiff on September 10, prior to her rescue.Arguably the greatest threat to world security at the moment is the epidemic in piracy off the Horn of Africa As the sun beat down on the deck, the four ex-SAS marine-security guards nervously scanned the Gulf of Aden.The rusty grain carrier they were protecting had almost completed its perilous short hop from Oman to Djibouti. Minutes earlier, the Djibouti police had boarded the ship to take charge of their AK-47s, because they were in Djibouti waters without the correct permits.One Dutch marine was slightly injured during the storming of the German ship MS Taipan, which had been boarded early on Monday by 10 Somali pirates from small boats armed with machine guns.The 15-man German crew of MS Taipan had radioed for help after taking refuge in a secure cabin on board the ship.

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