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Follow our feathered-cap-wearing explorer on another one of his rip-roaring syndicated television odysseys.

This time Montana is on the hunt for the coveted Holy Grail Cup, but watch out Montana, the Order of the Red Arm Band is on your tail again!

Apollo Gauntlet is a new animated comedy series coming to Adult Swim.

Created (and animated) by Myles Langlois and produced by Six Point Harness (the production studio of animation company MONDO and Mosaic).

Adult Swim also announced that the seasons will be a direct continuation of the original series.

FLCL, commonly pronounced "Fooly Cooly," originally aired in spring 2000, and aired on Adult Swim several times in 2003.

Adult Swim announced today that it's partnering with anime studio Production I. The production will be twelve episodes long, split into two seasons.Benign to open an inter-dimensional portal between Earth and, well, wherever. Benign's lair, little does he know they'll both wind up in another dimension, where Paul will become... Armed literally with talking gauntlets, he's stoic! Adult Swim is back and ready for fans to dive into new and unexpected experiences at San Diego Comic-Con this month. As the largest resource for swim lessons on the First Coast, our Y adult swim lessons include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.So whether you started learning to swim as a child, but never quite mastered it, or are simply afraid of the water, we’re here to help you learn to swim confidently, in a supportive environment.

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