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Body Language is executed by us intentionally or othervise, 24*7.

Over the last few years there has been an influx of dating apps, but dating seems to be more complicated than ever before.

In the ABC of personality development, B stands for Body Language.

Most important and reliable medium of communication.

He is an expert in juvenile challenges, media consumption, and violence/bullying awareness. Eric’s gift to create or catapult vision brings the key moments to reality for the audience.

These moments are captured in profound yet simple and multidimensional presentation of God’s word. Read More CZ (Curtis Zackery) combines a passion for communication with a desire to see lives changed for Jesus Christ.

With his energetic stage presence and charismatic persona, he spreads truth to audiences all across the world. Outcast BMX is a Christian BMX ministry made up of five different teams led by top Christian BMX pro riders.

'If someone approaches you say something to move the conversation forward.' If you're now at the point where you're both engaging in conversation Ms Holloway recommends that you look down at the other persons feet when they're talking to you to gauge their interest.'In body language the feet never lie.One woman hoping to change that is body language expert Steph Holloway, 55, who is based in New Zealand.'The dating rules have changed in the last few years, if you're of a certain age you just don't know what the rules are anymore,' she told FEMAIL.Here, the male is clearly just hoping to be friends.He has turned his body towards the female which shows his interest but his straight posture shows that he probably isn’t interested in ‘bridging the gap’ between them because he is not leaning forward.

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