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Explaining the difficulties of finding a pure, near sinless, smoking hot blond on the dating site Catholic Match, local Catholic Devin Porter told friends late last night that he was considering giving up ever marrying.

“It’s sad that we live in a world where a devout and humble guy like me just can’t find the right girl,” said the 35-year-old bachelor, explaining how past relationships have always failed because the women either “had a past” or weren’t drop dead gorgeous.

Yes, it is really disappointing to see that most women expect you to live in their backyard. Be patient and be prepared to be rejected a lot more than you get dates. You wont find a Catholic dating site with more women to choose from to message. If you cant deal with that, you do not have the stomach for online dating. The ladies in customer service run a tight ship and only communicate via e-mail.

I would live in El Paso if it meant finding the right woman for me. I asked for a phone call to clarify what happened and they outright refuse to talk and there isn't even a direct phone number to call in.

I did not pay but I usually wait a few days before actually joining. Catholics are still people too and they want someone they are attracted to. If you expect a date after only messaging a handful of women, do not even try this site. The site does have good built-in security and the Catholic Match tries to keep their community safe, to a fault.

With that said, I won’t consider a girl with a past of her own. Also, she needs to have that airbrushed look at all times, because I don’t wanna settle.

We know it can be tough to meet people who share your faith, but at Elite Singles we’re dedicated to pairing up like-minded singles who are matched based on deep compatibility.

With our thoughtful matchmaking practices, we’re here to help you find someone who’s meant for you - this is Catholic dating with a difference!

I was born into the religion as I am full blooded Italian American and went to parochial school majority of my life. I really resent the Catholic church due to multiple scandals over the years but keep that to myself.

I have further affirmation that this was a bad decision to join this site. The last one became my girlfriend and possibly may become my wife :) Even though I had a bad experience with the site (I was banned), after checking out similar sites I would still recommend it.

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