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Please keep on encourage yourself that is how you can be young always. I like to spend my time swimming, hiking, reading, camping, running, and watching movies. Looking for a friend or someone special :) I like talking so send me a message!

I like to listing to the Holy Bible, reading Japanese manga, listing to christian rap, christian praise and worship, gospel music and Japaneses anime music. I am a born and raised local girl who loves living in Hawaii.

I'd describe myself as a fairly quiet person though I can really open up when I become comfortable around a person.

When I want to be, I am fairly active, though I would not consider myself to be an outdoorsy person.

Wishing for a beautiful friendship and companion to love. Music, art, travel, ocean frolicking and film are my interests. I'm a communicator and I live on yoga principles authentically. Born and raised in New England and moved to Hawaii to escape the winter woes.

Confident, mindful, intuitive, compassionate, romantic, strong and courageous , healthy and conscious. I am a yoga practitioner, reiki practitioner, qigong, love the ocean, surf, canoe, sup, and love the elements of nature and energy. Small talk makes me 🙄😴 Life is a temporary vacation on earth 🌍 I'd rather have a green juice than drink. I have not bought a fishing pole yet, but that is on my list. My friends say that I do not have a mean bone in my body.

You’ll also want to stroll through the native plant garden, and grab a power breakfast or lunch in the Sky Garden Restaurant (tel.

Kjv, once saved always saved, ifb,truth seeker in all areas of life.Funding: Hawai`i Alliance for Community Health; Hawai`i County Council Members Ilagan & Yoshimoto; Hawai`i State Commission on the Status of Women.Jill Murray, renowned psychologist, has talked to hundreds of you in intermediate and high schools. she has written several helpful books on the subject that are available on her website: You can reach her or view videos on her website at: Teens & Relationships • Does Chaos and Drama Run in Your Life • Taking Your Life Back RIGHT NOW • SIX Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life TODAY! Jill Murray’s Relationships 101 • Destructive Relationships • But He Never Hit me — The Devastating Cost of Non-Physical Abuse to Girls and Women Your school counselors have some of Dr. Young mean renew refresh it dose not matter about age at all your still young Just like in Psalms Chapter 103:5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.Young woman of all ages have doubts about there self or they don't think they are pretty cute at all.

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