Updating award bios

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If you have not identified your motherboard, you should do so now for reference and any potential troubleshooting later. This BIOS Update documentation will demonstrate how to update a computer’s BIOS that may be required in order to fix computer bugs or add new features to your system.Yes it may work for you once or twice but if you keep using it you will find out the hard way it is not a good idea. FAT32/16/12 Partition on your disk (FAT32 Is best) 4.Windows based flashing has always been looked down on and likely will never be a accepted or recommended method to flash a BIOS A few @BIOS "Bad flash" notes will be below Now that the Much needed warning is out of the way, onto the subject at hand 1. A Bootable FAT32/16/12 USB Flash drive (Only needed if you have issues with a normal USB/Qflash Method) A bootable USB Drive is Useful if you have issues with a normal USB type Qflash flash, or are trying to recover from a bad flash.........otherwise making a Bootable one is not necessary.

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You should know your motherboard and have any necessary BIOS files available.Or you may also use the "Browse" Button and choose where to extract the files. Fxx file Extracted out of this file to flash with Qflash by using Winrar to extract the files as well if you like.Or may now simply double click and extract the BIOS files without Winrar. I cannot recommend using it AT ALL with all other available options I have seen many Boards killed (IE: Bricked, that is your motherboard is now a brick and you will have to RMA your board) by using @BIOS.I would guess that more then 90% of RMA's due to a bad flash, were because of @BIOS alone.

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