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Spindler and other scientists deduced that his body and belongings had been preserved in the ice until a fall of dust from the Sahara and an unusually warm spell combined to melt the ice, exposing the mans head, back and shoulders.

No well-preserved bodies had ever been found in Europe from this period: the Neolithic, or New Stone Age.

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Robin Hood is a wraith in Lincoln green, a shadowy figure who peers out at us through the dense foliage of the forests of time; hooded, anonymous and yet terribly familiar to us.

He is free from the constraints of society, existing as he does outside the bonds of the law. It was fashionable in the past to see Robin as an archetype, a pagan spirit of the woods, like Puck or Robin Goodfellow, or Loki, the trickster figure from Norse mythology, only partly human, unreliable but fun-loving, always ready to prick pomposity and utterly contemptuous of authority.

Where was the Iceman's home, and what was he doing at the high mountain pass where he died?

Painstaking research--especially of plant remains found with the body--contradicts many of the initial speculations On a clear day in September 1991 a couple hiking along a high ridge in the Alps came upon a corpse melting out of the ice.

This is a land known for boab palms, spinifex and saltwater crocodiles, and raging torrents of water with two distinct seasons, the wet generally in the months from November to April and the dry, from May to October.In no time, Jandamarra became the station’s best horseman, a crack shot and tracker, locating cows that had wandered away from the herd, all the while learning about his country, like no other.He remained at Lennard River station until it was time for him to be initiated into Bunuba law and become a man.A proud and strong Bunuba man, Jandamarra is one of many Aboriginal warriors around Australia that defended his country upon the arrival of the colonialists in 1788. In the late 1800s, in the central Kimberley region of Western Australia, Jandamarra held off the encroachment of pastoralists on his land for over three years, using every ounce of his knowledge of country and understanding the ways of the white man to protect his people and country.When one thinks of the stunning outback landscapes set against epic waterways and soaring cliffs in this part of the Kimberley, it’s not too hard to understand why Jandamarra led the Bunuba people to fight against invading colonists.

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