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It stars Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage as the main protagonists and takes place during Mortal Kombat II's story but some characters from other games have shown up.Chemical Reality is a reality show parody with the simple premise of 4 crazy guys living in one house, with different personalities.So, if you're interested in high adventure or in-depth reviews of comic books of the past and today this is the place to be!

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He can be very biased toward some of the people he reviews (ie: He is a Vanessa fanboy, and a Buford hater). He tries to use pick up lines from bad songs to get her attention, but Vanessa thinks he's being weird and rejects him. Carl has mixed feelings about him; he likes or hates him at times. He sings a lot of terrible rap songs about his "swag". He also started a rap group with Ferb, Stacy, and Coltrane called PFSC. He has a high-pitched British accent that makes him sound like he's five when he's supposed to be older. He also hates the fact that she sings endless breakup songs. Baljeet Rai: Plays Jay Sean/Lil Wayne (or Lil Jeet) Carl has mixed feelings about him, and thinks he is bland at times. Carl hates him because he seriously hurt Adyson one time, and Carl is Adyson's biggest fan. He also plays Pitbull, and Carl thinks he needs to sing about other things besides girls and clubs. Carl is her biggest fan, but he hates most of her songs. Carl hates her, but she keeps making pop songs that he likes. He hates "Party in the USA", and has a mixed feelings about "Ti K To K".

I will occassionally watch Linkara for his reviews on Power Rangers. When you see other people reviewing movies like say those people on, they can never match up to the nostalgia critic.

I also love how predictable his jokes can be like say when he reviewed Neverending Story III and that scene where the Childlike Empress comes in with some big headed guy who looks like Megamind and wouldn't you know it he refers to him as Megamind.

For me the only people I would really watch on that show are the Nostalgia critic, Angry Joe, Linkara, and Spoony. Actually, I think there are plenty of other people on the site bringing consistently or semi-consistently good material.

Everyone else is just a hit or miss for me and I was wondering what do people here think of them. Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Team NChick, Team Panshy (specifically Sad Panda Q & A), Phelous, Team Four Star, CR, Nash, Obscurus Lupa and Brad Jones, just to name a few. Although I did checked out some of the other guys and I liked Lupas review of the land before time (haven't seen it in a while so I'm not sure if it was her) I also liked filmbrains review of transformers 2 And I watched the untill we win video of Dune.

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