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You are right that ugly girls have to give good service, otherwise they will get so little business. Stunning girls don't rely on repeat business so heavily and so can get away with average to bad service. They all have to have major flaws of one type or another to be left in the P4 P business, unless showing extreme independence. Any sign of play acting, and I am not choosing the girl.

After you've won 11 times (and are 0 richer), he won't be able to pay you his debt, so you can get information for free (only once).

Although prostitution is illegal in Indonesia — a country home to the world’s largest Muslim population, prostitution is thriving.

You can find brothels and other places in Jakarta where sexual activities and other related services are available.

Day-2 Snow white, this time no one was available (1 PM) only available was Cherry, though the service level was good, not as attractive as Emmy. I wanted to go for a second round, but my battery was down already with repeated action and if I get another opportunity, will definitely meet her.

No smile at the beginning, but once in to the job, she was super wet!

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