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While this outing seemed like all fun and games, we're secretly hoping JT and Abel talked up plans for some sort of collaboration… Not only did she show off her perfectly plump bosom, but she also talked a little bit about this, that, and everything with her interviewer, David Blaine!

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Historians of the presidential horse race have plenty of mud to wade through, from Watergate to railroad bribery, and plenty of sex scandals in between.

But this year's election offers something new: Donald Trump appears to be the first nominee of a major political party in modern memory to be the subject of ongoing litigation, according to presidential experts.

Plus, not only did David Blaine get slimed, but he disappeared AND traumatized the crowd! Then ch-ch-check out all the best moments from tonight…AFTER THE JUMP!!! David Blaine promised to show the kids a lil' bit of magic at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards, but he showed them a glimpse of hell instead!

David Blaine did NOT cheat on his fiancée when he got frisky with another girl in a club last night ...

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The lobby of the Times building is open to the public, and a large crowd had gathered by the time he departed. 22, 2016)"I don't know of any other litigation involving a major candidate for election," Columbia University scholar Henry F.

The whole thing was filmed as part of Blaine's special, "Beyond Magic," that aired Tuesday night and all we have to say is ...

human now, with his memories fully intact, and Liv wants to join him in being non-undead.

Tonight's Kids’ Choice Awards were FULL of celebs, magic tricks, young hollywood stars and, of course, SLIME!!!!!

Even though the host, Mark Wahlberg insisted that he was "unslimeable," he was WRONG!

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