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Real, good Turkish delight is soft, slightly chewy, and lightly fragrant.We usually see the most common variety, flavoured with rose water, but there are many other possible flavours: orange blossom, cherry, vanilla, mint, mastic, or even chocolate.Mastic is a particularly novel addition for Australian consumers, as these little "tears" of resin impart an unfamiliar fresh mint-like coolness and a mild warmth akin to dried ginger.Nuts can also be added, usually pistachios and almonds, lifting the taste sensation immensely.

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I'll have you know I apply hand cream religiously and have really nice soap in my bathroom.11.

We've been eating really well the past few months, as the five of us - and our Sunday supper crew - eat our way through the many recipes I've been testing for my new book. ) and now it's time to get some of these recipes into the hands of home cooks to see what YOU think of them.

With my first book, I mostly relied on family and friends with varying degrees of cooking experience to take the recipes for a test run, but this time I'd like to open it up to you as well, if you're interested.

I, too, became the "victim" of a scented gift a little while back. I had, however, given way to dismay a little prematurely.

DO YOU dread receiving presents from polite neighbours, superficial acquaintances or perhaps the grandparents? But no, it was rose, that classic favourite of the soapy world, typically cloying and pungent.

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