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Museums are great first-date venues because they are public places chock-full of knowledge and fascinating artifacts.

Ask your date what kind of art or ancient societies interest them and plan your day accordingly.

Asking someone to go out and not calling it "hanging out."I do not care if you do not follow any other adivice on here but you must follow this one.

This is the most simple thing you can do when starting a relationship.

Why not set yourself apart by getting tickets to a showing of one of Shakespeare’s plays, a stand-up comedy revue, or even a presentation of the opera?

(We recommend avoiding as a first date for a number of reasons.) Not only will your date appreciate the extra thought, but it’ll make you look more sophisticated, too!

If you haven’t been to a carnival since you were a kid, you should definitely try it. Here’s an interesting idea, go to a throwback destination instead.

Most towns have a diner that’s popular with the locals, and there’s been a resurgence of locations that go all-out, complete with chrome, soda fountains, and jukeboxes.

Jane Greer, New York–based marriage and family therapist and author of Deeper into a relationship, regular reconnections can help keep your bond solid."Dating can be extremely beneficial toward keeping romance alive, and making a practice of going on regular dates can be a great way to jump-start that habit," says Denise Limongello, a licensed psychotherapist based in Manhattan, who points out that lack of romance is a common reason for breakups or divorce.But coming up with new date ideas is harder than it seems!It’s not that they don’t have an idea of what would be fun, I just think they no longer make the time. Honestly, this is sad and definitely not the best way to live.If you are going to make the effort to be married, why not do your best, no matter what season of life you are in, and start having some fun again?

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