Cam shows no regstraion

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These permissions are also used for signing into Uber using your Google account and to pay using Google Wallet.Your email address and encrypted Google Wallet payment profile are sent to Uber’s servers so that your receipts can be emailed to you and you can be billed through Google Wallet.

If you already have a Google Sign-In or Google Wallet account on your device, Uber can also use these permissions to prepopulate your email address.

When you install Uber on your Android phone as a rider, you're shown a list of permissions that the app requests (see image).

The descriptions of these permissions are created by Google and are worded the same for every app — currently, there's no way for Uber to customize them.

Here we take as an example: Note: If you can’t check your camera’s IP address, please check whether your camera is correctly connected to your router.

Step 3 Input the username and password (default username and password are both admin), and log into the management webpage of your camera. Input your tp Cloud account and password, and click “Register”.

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