Aspxgridview rowupdating keys

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ASPx Grid View Edit Form Event Args e) protected void gv Card Station Operator_Row Deleting(object sender, Dev Express.

ASPx Data Deleting Event Args e) protected void gv Card Station Operator_Row Inserting(object sender, Dev Express.

Net Programming (Web & Windows) - Database (SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g) - Java Script, VB, XML, Ajax - Reports (Crystal & Jasper) - Infragistics, Devexpress - SAP BO, WEBI, Universe designer I have tried this with versions 9.2.3 and 9.3.2.

For example purpose I have used connection strings and queries in same file but for you, you need to retrieve it from web.config file and also use stored procedures.

This happens because LINQ defines the query language.

It does not define how data modifications should be performed.1) Handle the ASPx Grid View's Row Updating, Row Inserting, Row Deleting events; 2) Prevent the ASPx Grid View from trying to process modifications itself; 3) Delegate data modification operations to this additional data source.

The idea is to only allow a command to be performed on specific people. I'd prefer a declarative solution to a procedural one. For me converting the commandfield to a templatefield control is not an option, as the commandfield comes with built-in functionality that I would otherwise have to create myself, for example the fact that it changes to "Update Cancel" when Edit is clicked, and that when Edit is clicked, all the cells in the row which are labels become textboxes, etc.

@clarifier Well, it's calling the code behind method every time. However you should pay attention to the implementation of the method. In my approach, you can leave the commandfield as is, then you can hide it as needed via code behind.

In the Row Updating event handler, it fetches the Category Name data to which the textbox is bound to. Try something the gridview is bound to in your case Product [email protected] Vijay : I agree that its bad idea to enable any Id to be editable, but before going to my module i just create one table containing Prod ID and prod Name.

This can be very easily implemented using the Linq Server Mode Data Source, in conjunction with a companion Data Source Control supporting data modification operations.

First, we will explain how the ASPx Grid View works.

Note: Instead of using Text Box in normal mode use Labels.

protected void gv Card Station Operator_Data Binding(object sender, Event Args e) protected void gv Card Station Operator_Html Edit Form Created(object sender, Dev Express.

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