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I couldn't be more blessed to have these two #special #future #shopping #hesgonnakillme #happiness #niece #myheart #foe #family #familyovereverything #jc #datingafterdivorce #mykiddo #zarya #myfavs 💖Coming back from vacation an even closer couple.💖 If you can ride a 10 hr drive and spend a whole week together without arguing as a new couple it's a good thing!

Know that leaving a marriage men and women rebound. Enjoy the rebound but stay out of your imagination! The two of them have really started bonding and it truly makes me the happiest knowing I have an awesome guy in my life who also wants to be a strong presence in her life.

-Anthony "Jon, just wanted to say it was a wonderful group of people both man and woman.

So relaxing you're a great host and met some really nice people without any pressure." -Robbie "Thank you Jon!

We’re hearing that the rumor mill says that Bravo is over Cynthia and ready to give her the boot next season.

That’s PURE speculation and internet chatter…but we think it would be interesting to see a single Cynthia on the scene…

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Hosts Jeannie Assimos and Grant Langston bring over 30 years of experience helping people find love in the online dating space.Yes When were you told that your fertility might be affected by your cancer treatments?Before I started active treatment How did you pay for it?Video of the last one CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A TICKET (or get on a waiting list) It will be a full and gender balanced event or it will be cancelled with a full refund.I don't want you to waste your time coming to a lame party :-) "In my opinion, this has to be one of the best meetups to go to” — David on Apr 13, 2017. Please really be within the age range of a particular event (within a year or 2) Thanks! Please really be within the age range of a particular event (within a year or 2) Thanks!

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