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My intent is to post a few articles each week on frugality and personal finance.In addition, I will write articles on how how to succeed in law school, how to be more productive in our lives, and how to excel in our careers. In fact, I’m learning right along with everyone else.OPW - May 15 - It's been a while since we ran a post of dating domains.Here's a bunch of interesting domains for sale with cash sale pricing.

Join me on my quest to avoid taking on more debt, paying off some of the debt I have, and trying to survive law school while doing it.I was never a great fan of abstract paintings certainly because they do not tell anything about the past, the future nor about me. (- : "Men prefer bitches", that is the title of a hilarious book by Maureen Dowd, they would be foolish not to make the most of it.So instead of complaining about the emptiness of the contemporary art, the fact that it is overrated and running the risk of becoming bitter, I decided to select those pieces of art which were translating the best my mood, hoping you might share those sensations with me. My life is a party of Mikado whenenever I feel I have got the right stick in the good place another one moves and all stick collapse and I have to start all over again. I never protected myself, never wore masks : If I meet someone good I do not want to miss her or him, but there are not so many good people. Love is hate, war is a path of roses says Richard Mosse... When I see my children fighting for stupid things, or when I get angry for silly reasons, I experience war in my soul.Hoje, após anos de aperfeiçoamento, é marca registrada da Alfazema Depil.Hoje estamos prestando uma gama de serviços mais abrangente, promovendo a beleza de suas clientes, porém sem perder a idéia original do atendimento carinhoso e personalizado, do qual se orgulham e que é o nosso grande diferencial.

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